Women of Galilee Ministries

The Women of Galilee Ministries (WOGM) is a vibrant ministry encompassing a myriad of activities to make our church strong and welcoming. They enjoy faith and fellowship through the Holiday Bazaar, the women's Circles and the Women’s Retreat. Always generous with their time and talent, the Women of Galilee, backed by Galilee Gifts & Books, continue their tradition of unwavering support to our parish family.

Thursday Morning Women’s Bible Study

This large group of women meets Thursdays at 9:30am for worship, prayer, Bible study, small groups and fellowship. Childcare and a special program for children are provided.

Flower Guild

Every week the Flower Guild adds beauty to our facility and enhances our worship. Members rotate through a schedule to arrange flowers and greens for the Main Altar, St. Andrew’s Chapel and St. Luke’s Chapel. We cut from our gardens and purchase flowers for the weekly arrangements as well as for weddings, funerals, Christmas, Easter and special occasions. In our effort to be good conservators of resources, we make use of our beautiful Rose Garden seasonally for the Main Altar. We also deliver flowers to our ill and shut-in parishioners. Dozens of capable and devoted members graciously and freely give their time and talents toward beautifying Galilee Church for the glory of God.

Galilee Circles

Four women’s groups meet monthly for Bible study, fellowship and planning for special events: the Alice Rueger Circle (contact: Jane Denman); the Bishop Tucker Circle (contact: Ivy Carey); and the Roxann Jordan Circle (contact: Mary Folck).

Discover God's truths. Refresh your soul. Build lifelong friendships. 

The Women of Galilee Bible study is a vibrant, inter-generational community where we meet each Thursday morning at 9:30 am to study God's word together. Through teachings, fellowship, small groups, and prayer, we seek to develop stronger relationships with God and one another. Gourmet coffee from Fathom Coffee Roasters and free childcare are also provided from 9am-noon. 

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women's bible study

Catherine Marshall's THE HELPER

Join the women of Galilee for a 5-week study of the Holy Spirit with Catherine Marshall's classic book. Marshall wrote The Helper, detailing lessons she learned by living them out. She offers forty inspirational "helps," or readings, that contain Scripture, a prayer, and insight into the provocative third person of the Godhead. Also included are the answers Marshall discovered to questions like: Who is the Helper? How do I experience the Helper's presence? How does the Helper meet everyday needs? What is the Helper's role and function in the Church? The forty "helps" are ideal as a devotional guide for the forty days of Lent and for group or individual study. Just as the power of the Holy Spirit is needed every day to help us cope with the problems and complexities of life, so he Helper is a book for all seasons, with total sales of more than 1.2 million.


June 15 - July 13

9:30am The Cove

Complimentary childcare and refreshments start at 9:00am

Cost: $12 books


CONTACT: Laura Kraus laura.r.kraus@gmail.com

video teachings

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