Galilee Student Ministries

Together, we learn to fully depend on God so that he

can equip, connect, and powerfully work through us.

WHO We are

Our mission statement sums it up; we truly believe that the BEST life is one most closely following God.  We desire to meet students where they are in order to shepherd them towards the source of all things good.  Connection through reading of his written word   (The Bible), prayer, and fellowship.  We also try to have a lot of fun doing it. 

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  • weekly Programs

    Sunday Morning Cafe:  10:30 am

    During Sunday Morning Cafe, the students are invited to drink hot chocolate or tea, grab a bagel or a doughnut, and have a chance to discuss Christian foundations with their peers.  We have separate groups that meet for middle and high school.  

    Sunday Night Youth Group:

    Both middle and high school meet in "The Cove," which is located on the bottom floor in the north west corner of the building (below the gym). We start out with a fun game such as capture the flag, dodge-ball, sardines, or anything else we can think of that is fun. Most importantly, we get to build relationships with the students who come and teach/show them what an adventure it is to live your life as a follower of Christ.

    Middle School: 4:30-6:00 pm

    High School: 6:30-8:00 pm

  • Middle School Summer Camp

    Student Life Beach Week at Myrtle Beach:

    June 18th-22nd we have an amazing opportunity for all of our middle school students this summer.   We will be going to Myrtle Beach to attend the Student Life Beach Camp.  We will stay in a beautiful hotel right on the beach with full amenities.  However, the best part of the week is worshiping with thousands of other students.  The musicians are amazing (David Crowder Band), the speaker is world-class (David Platt), and the atmosphere is a blast.  Last year made a huge impact on many of our students. The cost for the camp is $425 if you register by April 1st and $475 after April 1st.  Limited scholarships are available.  Text or call Marty for more information (757) 334-4902.  

    Register here!

  • High SChool Outreach June 25th-30th

    Sports Camp

    Galilee High School Youth will be putting on a sports camp for the Boys' Home in Covington, VA. Our goal is to make this the best week of the summer for the students at the Boy's Home. We have an action packed schedule full of fun.  We have a 100 foot slip-n-slide, visita gorgeous waterfall, and play all kinds of sports.  Our main goal is building relationships with the students at the Boys Home using fun as our bridge.  We do a devotional every night and end the week with an awards ceremony.  Last year was life-changing for our students as they served the Boys Home they didn't want to leave. I believe it is because they are doing what Jesus asked us to do, to go love and serve others and to share his good news.  This is a great way to share the love of God, get community service hours, and also have a ton of fun. Here is a link to register! 

    What is the Boys Home? 

    The Boy's Home is a place for boys who are struggling in school, have previously headed down the wrong path in life, or have dealt with a destructive or dangerous situation at home.  To find out more here is a link to their website.

  • High School Missions Trip-Uganda July 2018

    July 2018, Galilee will be taking a group of high school students to Uganda with Solar Lights for Africa (SLA) for two weeks.  We will be putting solar panels on homes, clinics, and schools so that they have consistent power to operate, teach, and live without burning dangerous lamps in flammable houses.  A group of Ugandan students will be joining our group for an awesome cross-cultural experience.  To Register click here! 

    For more information click here. 

  • PRay for our YOuth

    The power of prayer is one of the most incredible things to experience. 

    To witness a person's heart change dramatically, to watch a student overcome a battle, and to walk through life with our students in prayer is extraordinary.

    We'd like to invite you to pray for Galilee Youth, and Galilee Youth Ministries.

    Sign up HERE!

    Click here to download the May prayer calendar! 

  • Confirmation 2018

    At the heart of Galilee’s youth ministry is a desire for all youth to trust in God’s call on their lives, enter into a relationship with Jesus Christ, and trust in the guidance of His Holy Spirit. For those teenagers who have formed this relationship and want to experience the sacrament of Confirmation, we offer a way to do so.  Father Andy has recently changed the confirmation process. Here is his letter describing why he changed the process and how to be confirmed.  If you would like to be confirmed or for your student to be confirmed in the future now is the time to sign up. Register online here.  

    Email for more information. 

  • Home Study

    What is it?

    Home study is something we created to help encourage our students to pick up the Bible at home. Each week, we will give out a passage from the Bible. On the back of the sheet, there are a few questions that allow kids to think more and go deeper into the meaning behind it. 

    If your student completes 5 Home Studies, they earn lunch with the leaders. If 10 kids turn it in on the same week, we will celebrate with ice cream the following week. We thought it would be nice to have a little incentive for them to start building that habit.

    We are so excited about this opportunity for our kids to start getting into God's Word, and we hope it would become a unique bonding time for you and your child.



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