boardwalk ministry

JOIN GALILEE AND FRIENDS THIS SATURDAY, APRIL we make electronic media into our “Boardwalk” 

Twice a year, Galilee and friends gather on the Boardwalk in our “How May I Pray for You?” T-shirts and offer prayer to everyone who passes by. This year, the need for prayer is greater than ever...while we cannot gather together on the Boardwalk (we are not permitted to, by city order), we CAN devote the same designated time to offering prayer in creative ways, using electronic media as our “Boardwalk.” 


Here is the plan:

Two hours: “Boardwalk” prayer challenge
—Wear your T-shirt
—During 10am-12pm, this Saturday April 11, offer prayer through Facebook, email or whatever way you like to communicate online
—Wear your t-shirt and post a picture or make a short video if you like
—the idea is to “invite” and to take our beautiful ministry of prayer outside the walls of the church, this time through social media
—At 10am we will gather and I will lead opening prayer for team members on Zoom, at 10am sharp
—10:15-12, participants will offer prayer in some way “online” (examples below)
—At 12pm we will do a group prayer and closing

Date: Saturday, April 11
Time: 10AM-12PM
Where: (1) 10AM Zoom call opening prayer (number be provided after you sign up with me, at
(2) 10:15AM- 12PM Individually or together in your homes using online media of your choice we offer prayer for those who request it and for the global needs
(3)12PM Zoom call closing prayer (again you must email me for this)
Who: all ages and families, Galilee members and friends
What: Devote all or part of the 2 hours to praying for requests through FB, email, Next Door, or Instagram, etc.

IMPORTANT: Please sign up to be on the team. You will get supporting instructions, have your questions answered, and get the Zoom meeting call #s.

Even if you are not going to do the online prayer, we appreciate your personal prayers, intercession and covering over this ministry. 

—Please pray that Father God would draw those people to Jesus who need his love and light. 
—Please pray that this team could serve as witnesses to the risen Christ, through the Holy Spirit.
—Please pray that we would be able to reach out in love to others, strengthening and encouraging them through our witness.
—Please pray for protection, grace, and favor for all team members and participants and all who would see this ministry in action.
—Please pray for healing throughout the world, especially for the challenges and suffering caused by COVID-19, for those who are struggling for breath, and for the various needs in our community including those that will be brought to our awareness this weekend.

IF YOU NEED A T-SHIRT, whether you want to be on team or as an intercessor, please email me and I will get one to you.

Some final thoughts...
We don’t have to get it perfect! While we can’t congregate on the actual Boardwalk, we can still step out in faith. The purpose of our “Boardwalk” ministry is to reach out in love to our greater community through the offer of prayer, so that Christ’s love might be visible through us. We do this, knitted together in our love for Christ and one another. The world is hurting right now, and people need the love and light of Christ more than anything.

Christ is risen!